Stoke Park

Stoke Park Ladies 36 Hole Open Overall Results

Thursday 26th July 2018, Red Tees, Colt & Alison

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 76R2 CSS 76TotalPar
1st Tana Churchill Cuddington (2)8074154+6
2nd Rachel Goodwin Harleyford (6)8375158+10
3rd Georgina Bowers Lambourne Golf Club (5)8279161+13
4th Louisa Tarn Sunningdale (2)7586161+13
5th Bronagh O'Keeffe Sandy Lodge (2)8083163+15
6th Kimberley Munro Epsom (5)7791168+20
7th Sarah McDonald Wildernesse (8)8981170+22
8th Moira Sleeman Sandy Lodge (7)8984173+25
9th Jessica Pilgrim (10)9183174+26
10th Tracy Roberts Frilford Heath (9)8886174+26
11th Sally Collier Castle Royle (8)8490174+26
12th Kadda Mohamed Gerrards Cross (12)8986175+27
13th Pamela King Gerrards Cross (8)8689175+27
14th Elaine MacGregor Wakefield (7)9086176+28
15th Maggie Findlay Frilford Heath (7)8690176+28
16th Jane Seabrook Farnham Park (10)8692178+30
17th Terri Linskey Pedham Place Golf Centre (7)8594179+31
18th Lucinda Dashwood The Berkshire Golf Club (10)9486180+32
19th C Brooking Tracy Park (12)9090180+32
20th Helen Matthews Farnham Park (12)9090180+32
21st Julia Tarr Castle Royle Golf & Country Club (8)8892180+32
22nd Nanna Kastrup Dummer (16)9488182+34
23rd Victoria Collin John O'Gaunt (9)9191182+34
24th Debbie Roberts Aldwickbury Park (13)9191182+34
25th Sheila Fleming Sunningdale Heath Golf Club (10)9390183+35
26th Jane Tavinor Oxford (11)9192183+35
27th M Miller Muswell Hill (10)9490184+36
28th Camilla Trendell (10)9292184+36
29th Karen White Pedham Place Golf Centre (13)8995184+36
30th Debbie Reynolds Sandy Lodge (15)8797184+36
31st Ines Hellmayr Muswell Hill (12)9988187+39
32nd Sally McAlister Porters Park (12)9296188+40
33rd Susan Lawrence Porters Park (12)9594189+41
34th Karen Bond Mill Green (14)9396189+41
35th Ariela Cesana Trent Park Golf Club (11)9396189+41
36th Jan Sheargold The Shropshire Golf Centre (10)9794191+43
37th Cathrine Clark Foxhills (13)89103192+44
38th Yvonne Craven Castle Royle (9)9796193+45
39th Linda Murphy Sandy Lodge (13)9599194+46
40th Tsuruko Kawabata Porters Park (12)90106196+48
41st Julie Wood Farnham Park (19)10097197+49
42nd Sheena Harvey Tracy Park (18)10097197+49
43rd Louise Tucker Sandy Lodge (14)96102198+50
44th Shelagh Wilson Brickendon Grange (13)10496200+52
45th Isabella Sharratt The South Buckinghamshire Golf Club (15)101101202+54
46th R Woodley Tracy Park (20)10499203+55
47th Sarah Sadler Oxford (20)100104204+56
48th Madge Henry Perivale Park (11)93111204+56
49th Trudy Baldwyn Brickendon Grange (15)98109207+59
50th Rosie Meager Mill Green (16)11299211+63
51st Adele Price Knebworth (14)110101211+63
52nd Constance Marriott Porters Park (20)106106212+64
53rd Jane Sheppard Cambridge (20)122109231+83
54th Kathie Perry Farnham Park (20)123129252+104
55th Sarah Hoesli Foxhills (14)92NRNR 
56th Lesley Mulley Sandy Lodge (13)9595+21
57th Christine Ellis John O'Gaunt (16)109WDWD 
58th Lesley Scammell Sandy Lodge (12)WDWD 

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