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Re: Competition No Shows / Late Withdrawals
Intelligent Golf provides a very efficient and effective mechanism to manage competition entry. This, however, does not eliminate the need for consideration of others should a competitor need to withdraw from a competition.
Should you find yourself in this position it is not enough to simply withdraw from IG.
The required etiquette is as follows:
• If your withdrawal is more than 48 hours before the competition – you may email, call or text your playing partners to inform them of your withdrawal. This provides them with the opportunity of seeking out another playing partner.
• If your withdrawal is between 24 and 48 hours before the competition it is important that you make contact with your playing partner by telephone to ensure that they are aware of your situation.
Withdrawal within 24 hours of the competition is unacceptable. A late withdrawal or complete no-show for a competition is extremely inconsiderate to playing partners and other competitors in the field.
On a number of occasions we have been left with either a two-ball playing in the middle of a three-ball field and on some occasions a member has been left without a playing partner / marker for a competition and has been unable to compete.
On numerous occasions the golf office has to spend a great deal of time the day before a competition trying to fill slots where members have withdrawn at the last minute without a valid reason. This adds an unnecessary and unplanned workload to the department.
A number of members have raised concerns about this situation and, in the final Committee Meeting of 2016, we discussed at length a growing trend of late withdrawals and no-shows for club competitions.
The following procedure has now been introduced for all member qualifying competitions with immediate effect:
• Competitor no-show – whereby no call or communication is made to the Pro-Shop or Golf Office – one month competition suspension from date of offence to include the following months qualifying competition
• Withdrawal within 24 hours of competition – First offence, warning email / letter from the Director of Golf with a three month suspended sentence. If a second offence occurs within the three months an automatic ban will be in place for the next qualifying competition. For a third offence the competitor will receive a one month ban from club competitions.
Appeals may be made by competitors, which will be reviewed by the Director of Golf and the appropriate section Captain.

Examples of unacceptable late withdrawals
• The forecast is rain tomorrow so I don’t want to play
• My friend has pulled out so I am not going to compete
• I didn’t know someone had signed me up for the competition (Please ensure that you have set your IG preferences to inform you when someone else enters you into a competition).
The Golf Office will continue to monitor the situation. If necessary this policy will be extended to all Club Competitions – both qualifying and non-qualifying.

The contact for this competition is Kelly Gorry

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