Stoke Park

Stoke Park Ladies Open 2014

Thursday 24th July 2014
Colt & Alison, Tees - Red, Red, Red
H'cap Allowance: Full Handicap

Stoke Park Ladies Open 2014

Thursday 24th July 2014, Red Tees, Colt & Alison

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Stephanie Mcevoy Old Fold Manor Golf Club (-1)7174145-3
2nd Tana Churchill Cuddington (3)8476160+12
3rd Zoe Collins Castle Royle Golf & Country Club (5)7783160+12
4th Julia Warke (6)8279161+13
5th Tracy Crew Reading (3)8379162+14
6th Beth Scott (5)8182163+15
7th Charlotte Nutt Beaconsfield Golf Club (3)8780167+19
8th Kate Hills Peppler Frilford Heath Golf Club (5)8780167+19
9th Carole Weir Beaconsfield Golf Club (4)8387170+22
10th Isabella Holmes (9)8387170+22
11th Susan Kettler Mentmore Golf & Country Club (5)8288170+22
12th Nathalie Warke Fulford Golf Club (10)8685171+23
13th Christine Watson Beaconsfield Golf Club (3)8388171+23
14th Liz Keens Gerrards Cross (7)8686172+24
15th Sarah Jane Baker Ashley Wood Golf Club (5)8587172+24
16th Kate Evans Frilford Heath (4)7993172+24
17th Karen Pollard Henley (8)9381174+26
18th Sharon Puddle Foxhills (10)9184175+27
19th Sally Collier Castle Royle (10)8590175+27
20th Julia Tarr Castle Royle Golf & Country Club (10)9284176+28
21st Cath Arter Beedles Lake (8)9086176+28
22nd Sarah McDonald Wildernesse (11)8987176+28
23rd Daisy Kennedy Harewood Downs Golf Club (15)8790177+29
24th Yvonne Craven Castle Royle (12)9187178+30
25th Annie Gowing Frilford Heath (5)8791178+30
26th Sue McEntee Burnham Beeches Golf Club (11)8593178+30
27th Sarah Hoesli Foxhills (13)8793180+32
28th Cathy Jones Reading (8)8694180+32
29th Ariela Cesana Trent Park Golf Club (14)9091181+33
30th Sarah Arnold Stover (6)8794181+33
31st Christine Bishop Burford (10)8596181+33
32nd Anne Maritta Anttonen Prince's (12)9290182+34
33rd Moira Sleeman Sandy Lodge (8)9489183+35
34th Teddy Bevan Frilford Heath (10)9291183+35
35th Ellen Soe The South Buckinghamshire Golf Club (17)9093183+35
36th Debra Logue Essendon Country Club Golf Club (13)9589184+36
37th Pat Bennett Reading (6)9589184+36
38th Lisa Miller Brocket Hall Golf Club (13)9490184+36
39th Suzi Everitt Rothley Park Golf Club (15)9492186+38
40th Charlotte Keenan Reading (10)9592187+39
41st Marion Hardy Temple Golf Club (12)9791188+40
42nd Julia Little Berkhamsted (9)9692188+40
43rd Elizabeth Perrottet Berkhamsted (12)9296188+40
44th Susan Lawrence Porters Park (13)9991190+42
45th Maddie Field Henley (12)9894192+44
46th Jane Seabrook Farnham Park (10)9499193+45
47th Sally McAlister Porters Park (13)9499193+45
48th Jennifer Lowe The Wychwood (14)10095195+47
49th Anne Woodsend Burford Golf Club (7)10096196+48
50th Kay Clark Wildernesse (12)10394197+49
51st Helen Matthews Farnham Park (15)9998197+49
52nd Jo Brown Hadley Wood (17)9899197+49
53rd Nicky Baker Ashley Wood Golf Club (17)97101198+50
54th Jill Banks Harpenden (14)10297199+51
55th Cheryl Smyth Sandy Lodge (15)99101200+52
56th Diana Reese Wildernesse (13)98104202+54
57th Linda Murphy Sandy Lodge (15)96107203+55
58th Helen Taylor Ferndown (18)108100208+60
59th Alison Smith Lingdale (15)99112211+63
60th Kate Trigg Winter Hill (15)108107215+67
61st Judith Meisenkothen Crowborough Beacon (16)112113225+77
62nd Georgette Van Schothorst Hadley Wood (6)92NRNR 
63rd Yukiko Sugimoto (12)9292+18
64th Linda Rich Foxhills (15)94WDWD 
65th Julie Cooper Beaconsfield Golf Club (6)90WDWD 

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Open To: Ladies

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